TRADING course
with further employment and trading capital from the company!
Madrid - Valencia
Start: February
Want to master a new profession
want to reach a high level of income
want to create a trading business
This course is for you, if you:
If you want to get the most, we will help you train and assemble a team of professionals that will take you to the desired level, with high efficiency for your investment and efforts.
Trading is not an easy, but a very well-paid path to financial freedom, it allows you to make money both during an economic recovery and in a crisis.
Trader is one of the highest paid and demanded professions in the world, the great advantage of which is a high income even in a crisis.
What awaits you on the course:
We train talented traders, and we gladly cooperate with them. You can get a contract job after completing your training.
Employment and trading capital from the company
Training is carried out on a professional trading platform provided by the company, which later students use for trading
Fully organized office and necessary software
You immediately hone the acquired knowledge in practice, using it in trading from the very beginning of training.
Analysis of deals and work on mistakes
You learn from people with many years of experience who track trends in the profession and sort knowledge into a clear algorithm for you.
Practical work with experienced traders
Start February 7
Stock Market
Basic information
Course start: February 7
Total seats: 20
Cost: 800 euros
Office: Madrid and Valencia, Spain (+200 euros)
Duration: 2 months, 20 lectures (1-1.5 hours each)
Event time: 14:00 Madrid time
Course program
The program includes both a theoretical and a practical part, with analysis of transactions and adjustments for each student! We will go into detail on the following:
  • Trading instruments
  • Trading strategy and tactics
  • Control and risk management
  • Stock Selection
  • Trading Psychology
  • Individual analysis of transactions
  • and much more, necessary for successful trading!
Among other things, you find yourself in a community of like-minded people with whom you develop and grow faster.
Having completed training in our company, you get the opportunity to undergo a free internship after training and receive an account in management.
The size of the account is considered individually and can be quickly increased, with positive results.
The income is from 30% to 50% of P&L.
For 6-12 months from the start of training, the average income is from 3,000 to 5,000 dollars per month.
But in the case of a more successful development of events, it can be more than 10,000 dollars a month. Each situation is considered individually.
The main difference of the Stock Market is the WORKING HOURS of the Market. What for someone can be a PLUS, and for someone a MINUS. As for the trading differences between the markets, we will talk about them in detail during the training itself, since there are quite a lot of them and it is almost impossible to understand what is right for you without knowing all the nuances.

Working hours: 15:30-22:00 Madrid time,
16:30-23:00 Kiev time,
17:30-24:00 Moscow time.
Even though the trade itself can take 2-3 hours, it is necessary to spend approximately 1 more hour before the trade for preparation and 1 hour for the analysis after the trade.
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